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About Me 

As a practitioner, I enjoy giving my patients the space and time to talk in depth about themselves and their condition, making the consultation process as rewarding an experience as possible. Where appropriate, I give my clients additional nutritional and lifestyle support and, if advisable, may refer to other specialists for a more fully integrated service.

I trained for 4 years at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, affiliated to Middlesex University, and gained an additional 3 years specialist clinical training at homeopathic centres for children and trauma victims. These experiences continue to inform the way I practice, where respect for my patients' needs and a desire to facilitate their return to health is paramount.

With a background in the arts and media, I have an interest in helping people to overcome physical and emotional blocks. Following my training, I enjoy working with babies and children, and often find it helpful to work with other family members for extra levels of support. I provide joint parent and baby sessions for a rounded approach to the family's health needs.


More Client Feedback 

I was so pleased when I  found myself in my first consultation with Esi. She has helped me with much more than my initial enquiry. I do not think I would have been so well or coped as easily with my trip to India or got through some challenging and intense physical requirements without her help. I would highly recommend Esi to anyone for any issues or ailments that may be troubling them.
S.W. - Project Manager



Since starting to see Esi for help with my menopausal symptoms, I’ve been able to put my condition into perspective and to come to terms with it better. After a few sessions, my energy levels have increased and my mood swings and food cravings have gone down. What I really like about Esi is the calm, accepting and non-judgemental way she goes about things. After seeing her, I’ve regained my sense of humour which was sadly lacking and I’m now feeling more positive about my life as a whole.

C.R– Actor




My 10 month old baby daughter has suffered from eczema since she was 8 weeks old. Throughout the time we've  seen her, Esi has been reassuring, supportive and extremely approachable. I’m so glad to have continued with her help as my daughter is now much happier than before.

T.T- New Mother