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This calendar of events and tips will be updated regularly with items that may be of interest to you.


Human Microbiota

All health practitioners have to do Continuing Professional Development in order to stay on top of changes in their field. Here’s a brief glimpse into one of my own areas of interest

I first became interested in the human microbiota (the interdependent microbial species in the body) about 18 months ago following a chat with a colleague at the clinic where we both work.

She’s a former microbiologist, and like me, had noticed how many clients were turning up with chronic and complex digestive disorders that required a slightly different approach from the ones we were used to. She’d already started researching the field, and it struck me that here was an area ripe for exploration.

Since then, I’ve noticed a growth in more mainstream media awareness of the microbiome (the totality of microorganism genes in the human body) and it’s clear that it’s at the leading edge of contemporary medical research. Interestingly, some of the research and ideas generated cross over into territory already known to some complementary therapies.

Trillions of microorganisms colonise the human body, in particular on the skin and on the mucosal surfaces of the bronchopulmonary system, the genitourinary system and above all, the gastrointestinal system. Of these, about 100 are classified as pathogenic (disease causing), but the vast majority have co-evolved alongside humans and other mammals to develop a symbiotic and often mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Most of us know something about ‘friendly ‘bacteria, and their reputed role in enhancing digestive and immune health. However research into various strains of microbial species show that their sphere of influence stretches far wider than this, with mainly preclinical evidence pointing to the microbiota's role in influencing systemic inflammations, autoimmunity, allergic states, obesity, cognitive function and emotional behaviour.

Perhaps it’s time we all started getting to know the microbiota a little bit better.

Here are some links to basic articles and a new book that might give a useful overview:



I Contain Multitudes, Ed Yong, Vintage Publishing, 2016


Homeopathy for Mothers and Babies


Lots of my patients are first time parents and when they ask me to recommend suitable books, my first choice is pretty much always Homeopathy for Mothers and Babies by Miranda Castro – an excellent guide to looking after yourself and your baby’s health from pregnancy to the first post-natal year.


At the simplest level, it’s a clear, informative introduction to homeopathy for everyday use, making it ideal for home prescribing. Several parents I know carry on using it as their child grows older and since it’s particularly handy on managing ‘women’s’ complaints, it’s also a great way for maintain your own health in simple ways.


Although its main focus is on successfully negotiating the transition from pre to post natal status, it’s more than a simple guide to homeopathic prescribing, giving equally detailed information and advice on the range of medical choices available for mum and baby.

Connecting with Wildlife in June

I live near the wonderful Woodberry Wetlands which opened to the public last year and I regularly go for relaxing walks there. Built around a couple of reservoirs, it’s a haven for birds and other wildlife, and makes an intriguing oasis of calm among the rapidly growing housing developments nearby.

It’s managed by the London Wildlife Trust who recognise the benefits to mental wellbeing of connecting with nature. Throughout the month of June, Wildlife Trusts across the country are issuing a challenge to do something wild every day. I’m sending off for my pack and will be encouraging my patients to do the same.


Supervision by Esi Eshun RSHom


I’m pleased to announce that I’m now offering supervision to Homeopathy students - my details are to be found on the Society of Homeopaths Register of Supervisors.